Wednesday, 4 December 2013

About Us

A little bit about us, is Debby and Eve.

Debby has had over 40 years of quilting experience and during this time has run classes and workshops in quilting, sewing and painting.  

Debby has enjoyed quilting as an integral part of her adult life slowly developing from traditional quilts and colours to the softer pastels and pretties that are just so inspiring.  Debby has had many of her quilts on display in exhibitions.  

Her big project for 2013 was making a quilt each for two of her grand daughters but in between that she designed many of her own exclusive patterns, had one of these patterns in Australia's Homespun Magazine, made quilts for another grand daughter (the newest member of our family) and made slippers in all sizes for samples and photography.  Debby has always been drawn to the Farmers Wife Quilt Sampler but seeing it made in bright pretty fabrics just made it an irresistible project.

Eve (ME) I am forever indebted to my Mum (Debby) as the greatest gift she gave me was teaching me to sew.  

Before I started school I could sew my own Library Bag and my love of all things creative was born.  I actually didn't take sewing at school because in my first lesson I got in an argument with the teacher who was insisting that everyone sew in a most difficult way!  I knew a quicker, easier way to get the same result and she wasn't very happy about me telling anyone so I was in trouble and decided to go underground with my sewing and keep it at home. . . I always sewed my own clothes but when my first child was born I got the quilting bug and started working on my own patterns and designs using brights and pretties.  In 2005 I started as I found it very difficult to find all the gorgeous designer fabrics I was after in Australia. 

My biggest project for 2013 was making baby Charlotte (adding to my family of 2 lively sons and 2 gorgeous step daughters).

I have never sewn a sampler quilt before and have never attempted any of these blocks.  Having a large family I usually design and make projects and quilts that can be easily made in one weekend so this will be a very exciting challenge for me and I cannot wait to look upon the finished project. . .

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  1. Yes please, I would like to join the quilt-along BOM. How/where do I sign up?