Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Farmers Wife Quilt Along Month 6 Instructions

We will be making blocks 14, 88, 40, 62, 54, 55, 59, 66.

Templates for Month 6 are; 1, 3, 4, 7, 13, 25, 27, 28, 34, 35, 38, 49, 51,
61, 61R, 62, 62R, 63, 63R, 65, 70, 101, 103.

Note: There is a problem with 3 Templates we are using this month. If you receive our fabric pack your templates have been corrected but if you use the CD from the book you will need to make some changes.

1. The numbers on #27 and #28 need to be swapped.
2. Template #61 should read 61R and there is no #61 on the CD. To make the correct #61, Reverse the template, from the book and trace onto card and cut out. Mark the straight grain on the templates lower edge, as per diagram and trace with this edge level with the long edge of the fabric then, mark the number of the template (61 or 61R) in this seam allowance.

We are using more of the beautiful Flower Sugar fabric this month. Before starting spray a light coating of starch on the wrong side of all the fabrics. Iron and cut as usual.

Week 21

Block 14 Butterfly at the Crossroads

Block 88 Star of Hope

Use Templates 34, 35, 38, 101. Cut the fabric for both blocks at the same time.

Using the Pink large roses fabric, Fussy Cut a 5 5/16’’ (13.5cm) square for #101. Then cut 6 x 1 ¾’’ squares for 6 #34 and 8 x 2 1/8’’ squares.

Using the White/Pink Spot fabric cut 4 x 3’’ x 1 ¾’’ rectangles for 4 #35, then cut 8 x 2 1/8’’ squares, matching these with the pink ones, make up into ½ square triangles as per week 3, to give you 16 #38.

Arrange all the pieces in place and sew together as per book.

Week 22

Block 40 Friendship Block

Block 62 Old Windmill

Use Templates 4, 7, 27, 28, 103

Friendship Block

Using the Yellow Floral Spot fabric Fussy Cut a 3 3/8’’ square for #103, then cut 6 x 2 3/8’’ squares, save 2 for block 62 and cut 4 on the diagonal and trim for 8 #7. As these last 4 are going to be cut in half, you can trace and cut if the full square won’t fit after fussy cutting.

Using the Pink Check fabric cut 4 x 1 ¼’’ strips down the short edge. Position the #27 and #28 on the strips with a small rose in the centre of the template and trim to size. Fussy Cut 4 x2’’ squares, also with a rose in the centre, for 4 #4. Arrange as per book. Sew 2 short strips to opposite sides of 103, then sew the longer strips in place and press. Make up corner triangles and sew in place.

Old Windmill.

Using the White/Pink Spot fabric cut 8 x 2 3/8’’ squares.
Then cut 2 x 2 3/8’’squares each in Pink Large Roses, Red Floral and Aqua Floral Spot. Match these together with the 2 Yellow squares and the 8 White/Pink spot squares and make into 16 ½ square triangles. Arrange as per photo and book, sew together in rows, pressing seams in alternating directions.

Week 23

Block 54 Kitchen Woodbox

Block 55 Linoleum

Use templates 1, 3, 13, 25, 49, 51, 65. Cut the fabric for both blocks at the same time.

Using the Aqua Floral Spot fabric, Fussy Cut 2 x 2 ½’’ squares for 2 #1 then, cut2 x 2 7/8’’ squares and cut on the diagonal and trim for 4 #3. Cut 4 x 1 15/16’’squares cut on the diagonal and trim for 8 #13, then cut 4 x 1 ½’’ x 2 ½’’ rectangles for 4 #25.

Using the Yellow Check fabric cut 5 x 1 ½’’ strips down short edge of fabric. Cross cut these into 2 #51 and 6 #25, keeping the small rose in the centre of each strip, as before.
Using the Pink Circle fabric trace and cut 4 #49 and 4 #65.

Arrange the pieces for each block. Sew block 54 from the centre out then add the corners. Sew block 55 as a 9 patch of 2 ½’’ squares.

Week 24

Block 59 Night and Day

Block 66 Periwinkle

Use templates 61, 61R, 62, 62R, 63, 63R, 70. Cut the fabric for both blocks at the same time.

Please read the Note above before proceeding.

Using the White/Red Spot Rose fabric trace and cut 8 #61 and 4 #61R, with the straight grain as marked on the diagram. Write the template number in the straight grain seam allowance, using the photo as a guide. I used a wash of marker to trace these if I made a mistake I could simply wash off and start again.  Then trace and cut 4 #62R and 4 #63R.

Using the Red Floral fabric trace and cut 4 #61R, 4 #62 and 4 #63. Then cut 2 #70.
Fussy Cut 2 #70 from the Pink large floral fabric.

Night and Day.
Gather all your pieces for this block and carefully lay them out in place. The straight grain on #61 and #61R should be next to each other. Sew each section into a triangle and press the seams towards the red fabric. Sew the triangles together, matching seams, into squares and press the seams open. Continue until complete. If you got this block right 1st go, well done!

Lay out your 4 coloured #70 in place. Arrange the #61 and #61R pieces in pairs, with the straight grain edges together, around the centre star so that the corners are right angles. Sew a #61 and a #61R to each #70. Press the red seams in and the pink seams out. Check your angles. Sew the triangles together matching the seams until complete.

These last two blocks were certainly tricky. I hope my instructions made them easier for you to sew. Before I realised that the template was wrong I had decided not to use them. I’m glad I kept them in the quilt now as there is no satisfaction in giving up!

(note template correction not at actual size, if you are in our quilt along the right size templates will be posted to you)

Happy sewing Debby and Eve xxx